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Hair Designs

Fashion design is a category not only for clothes, but also for the person's crowning glory - the hair. Hair designs involve skills and techniques in the styling of hair to make it fashionable. For a beautician to be an expert in hair designs, he or she may have to earn a certification from a learning institution that specialises in hair designs.

What are the components of most hair designs?

Hair designs can involve haircuts to styling with the use of hair colour or highlights to achieve a fashion statement. There are many hair designs for each season's trend.

Where do people get hair designs?

A beauty salon or parlour can provide several hair designs. Like any other service establishment, there are the expensive boutique salons and cheaper parlours in your area which you can choose from. Usually the more expensive ones employ highly trained and certified experts to provide the latest hair designs to discerning clients.

When do women change their hair designs?

Women tend to change their hair designs as often as they would change their wardrobe each season. Just like clothes, hair designs also come and go. Take for example the hair designs of the 1960s that were resurrected in the late 1990s, or the classic hair designs of the 1940s that are still used until now in formal Hollywood events.

Where do women get their desired hair designs?

Most hair designs are inspired by celebrities and haute couture fashion runways. If you would like to change hair designs, try flipping through fashion magazines for starters. Note for the conservative types: most hair designs are best imitated than created, so just to keep it on the safe side bring photos of your chosen hair designs and ask your hair designer which one will work best for you.

If you are more of the adventurous types, go for the trendier hair designs that bring out your personality. You can play around with colours and cuts, but make sure you seek an expert's advice first before having anything done to your hair. Remember, not all Hollywood hair designs will look good on you.

Can men change their hair designs?

Men can also choose from several hair designs appropriate for his personality or choice of music. If you are more on the rock or alternative trend, go for more adventurous hair designs like the Mohawk or Spike. Adding bold colours like red or blond streaks can add novelty to your chosen look.

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